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History of Free Comic Book Day

Mar 30, 2018
The Sparks

  The comic book community sometimes gets saddled with a bad reputation.  A stereotyped group of introverted, protective people with tendencies to egregiously overreact to even a hint of change in their preferred heroes’ lives.  Fortunately, that unfair categorization could not be farther from the actual behavior of comic book fans.

Top 5 comic book series you should read & why

Feb 20, 2018
Henry Flood

Comic book fans may be some of the most fortunate followers on the planet. What was once an extremely niche market has now exploded into full-on multimedia empires. The days of being judged because you’re a comic fan is gone…now you’re judged by what you’re reading. Which can be very intimidating and frustrating! Someone who… Read more »

Gift Ideas for Real Nerds

Dec 29, 2017
Henry Flood

  My dear friends, the season is upon us.  Most of us are capable of eventually (the last business day does technically count) getting gifts for all of our loved ones…but what about the die-hard, con-travelling, Reddit-trolling compatriots?  The good news is that there is no shortage of ideas, as we’ll soon see.  The bad… Read more »

The Five Best Card Games for Evil People

Sep 01, 2017
Henry Flood

We all know one. The Black Sheep. The Evil Mastermind. That Person. The one on game night that is out to get you and will stop at nothing to make sure your best laid plans go down in flames. Yet, there’s almost always that desire to see them get their comeuppance. No good heel should… Read more »

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