The Five Best Card Games for Evil People

Sep 01, 2017
Henry Flood

We all know one. The Black Sheep. The Evil Mastermind. That Person. The one on game night that is out to get you and will stop at nothing to make sure your best laid plans go down in flames. Yet, there’s almost always that desire to see them get their comeuppance. No good heel should go unpunished, after all, but you’re probably gonna have to meet them on their own evil turf to bring them down. Here are five great games you can potentially spring on your more nefarious friends that will still be fun for all involved.

1. One Night In Ultimate Werewolf

The premise: one to two players are werewolves who are out to eliminate the townsfolk. Fortunately, other players abilities such as being able to see the role of another player or causing complete chaos by blindly swapping other’s cards. After the ‘night phase’ ends and all the card switching is done, all players converse and try to come to a consensus as to who their more furry, bloodthirsty friends are.

Why it’s devilishly clever: suppose you’ve got that friend who loves throwing other players under the bus. Making them the scapegoat so they can run off scot free. The One Night series plays into this perfectly, as roles such as the Troublemaker allows a player to choose two players and swap their cards without their knowledge.

Why it’s easy to sink your teeth into: if you’ve got a smartphone or a Windows PC, you can download the game for free!

2. Betrayal at House on the Hill

The premise: a Hammer horror film comes to life as your friends explore a haunted house one tile at a time. The house layout is never the same twice, but that’s not the only thing working against you.

Why it’s ghoulishly great: One of you is The Betrayer, but nobody will know if you play your cards right. Use your supernatural powers (along with the ever-changing house layout) to eliminate your unsuspecting victi–um, friends. Perfect for that friend who always wanted to have fire bats at their disposal or have watched the entire Saw series a few too many times.

Why it’s better than the movies: it takes less time! Games usually run an hour…or less, depending on how well you can dodge fire bats…

3. Magic: The Gathering

The premise: a classic that still remains popular for beginners all the way up through the professional ranks. Though there are several rulesets you can use, players typically start with 20 health and then try to play the best combination of cards from their custom decks. Last person standing wins.

Why it’s maliciously marvelous: No deck is invulnerable, but someday you’re going to run into a Red/Burn deck and you’re probably gonna punch whoever plays it. Nevertheless, this is the perfect game for fantasy fans who enjoy collecting and the knowledge that no two games will ever play out exactly the same way. Regardless of how evil your friends are, there will always be a way to bring them down a fireball or two.

Why it’s pure magic: rounds are fast, the artwork is stellar, and the level of strategy is as complicated as you want it to be. If you’re a fan of any aspect regarding this game, you’ll want to be around the scene.

4. Cards Against Humanity

The premise: “A card game for horrible people.” They mean it. Players take turn judging others’ answers to ‘black card’ prompts. The nastier, the better. First to a set amount of victorious answers wins.

Why it’s sickeningly savage: Children need not apply. Nothing is off limits. Questions and answers can range from what’s on the news to what’s only seen while on drugs. Show your terrible acquaintances just how off-color you can be.

Why you should be ‘for’ it: Though there are some absolutely ostentatious products such as the Big Black Box, the costs for the things you’ll actually use are very reasonable, though you very patient types can actually download a PDF and make your own cards. Finally, you’d be supporting some very humanitarian causes (as well as some very hilarious causes).

5. Munchkin

The premise: Though their universe has expanded greatly, the original card game of Munchkin remains a stellar choice for those of us good and evil. You’re striving to be the first to reach a predetermined level by collecting loot…be it by killing monsters or completely hosing you friends.

Why it’s no small feat to win: The closer you get to the final level, the less likely your friends are willing to help. Indeed, some cards actually allow your friends to power up the monster or even throw extra monsters at you! Games that start out friendly oftentimes become wars of attrition, but with the right strategy, you can stand tall over you less helpful cohorts.

Why it stands tall: A family-friendly game that covers nearly every genre and category you can think of. Are your kids into the X-Men? Grandma a fan of fairy tales? The Munchkin Universe covers a lot of ground, allowing you to incorporate everyone in your quest to celebrate a win.

Look, I know it grates your nerves every time they walk away victorious, but you can’t lord over them if they don’t play, right? So even if these five aren’t enough, you can always throw a line over to Epikos and find new ways to trounce ‘em. Just try not to gloat too much. After all, you don’t want to be That Person.