Gift Ideas for Real Nerds

Dec 29, 2017
Henry Flood


My dear friends, the season is upon us.  Most of us are capable of eventually (the last business day does technically count) getting gifts for all of our loved ones…but what about the die-hard, con-travelling, Reddit-trolling compatriots?  The good news is that there is no shortage of ideas, as we’ll soon see.  The bad news?  There is no shortage of ideas, as we’ll soon see.  As we approach the holidays, let’s see some fantastic options for our particularly particular partners.

Oh, and…ummm…I kinda went festive with part of this, so settle in:

Shirts that rock;

a useless box,

tons of games you can play

plus millions of toys

for girls and boys

from galaxies far, far away

Bomb your bath

or look like a cat,

find ways to get through the day

Though some are absurd

and may harm a nerd,

there are some cool things, I must say

So whether a book

or a brand new look

these can make a nerd’s holiday!

…still here?  Good, good.  The main piece of advice to take away here is to think about particular hobbies or genres your compadres are into, then look for things that can combine their interests.  A dog lover that’s also a tech nerd?  Got it.  Someone who loves taking photos but can’t afford a high-end, professional camera?  No problem!  Culinary nerds who are really into math?  You know that’s taken care of.  We could go on and on…especially if they’re a fan of the Whoverse. Yet, there are other ways to treat your fanatical friends.

Though there are countless items you can shop for that cover any and all possible permutations of interest, a particularly cool way to buddy up to your buddies is to show an interest in whatever it is they’re ‘nerdy’ about.  Did you partner-in-crime get a game where they need partners in crime?  Jump in and help out!  Even if things go completely sideways, it can lead to an excellent to tell down the line.  What about the art fan that now has a chance to go digital with their creations?  Take a peek at their methods and see if they can offer any advice.  The act of giving a friend a gift can be a very satisfying endeavor, but the time you can spend together indulging in what intrigues them can make for very entertaining and educational experiences.

So what happens if your nerdy partner isn’t quite the gregarious or whimsical type?  If your amigo or amiga tends to prefer practical accessories to…well, an actual Amiga, fret not, as there are several ways to show them they’re appreciated while still aiding in their day-to-day adventures.  Items such as an Emergency Breathing System or (my personal favorite) the IllumiBowl can still be viewed as practical additions to any space while still scratching that technological itch.  Even those overly-protective, secretive types can be gifted something useful and unique!

With the holidays fast approaching, it’s easy to get wrapped (ha…and yes, there is a card game of puns) up in present paralysis by awe-striking analysis, but just remember to think about what your loved ones love.  From there, anything even remotely close will be cherished and appreciated because it came from something else your loved ones love:  you!

I learned that line from a Bob Ross episode.

Regardless of how the holidays happen, know that you’ve always got assistance in grabbing gifts for the good ones in your life.  If your nerdy gift goal is something slightly better than coal, the helpful elves at Epikos will make sure every geeky gift will be a hit.